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Winscribe Digital Dictation is an easy to use, secure, professional dictation software solution for Healthcare, Legal, Financial, Government and other industries. Winscribe Digital Dictation is used by over 350,000 professionals worldwide and helps thousands of organizations streamline and automate their document creation process.


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Create dictations effortlessly, wherever you are, whichever device you prefer

  • Winscribe dictation supports over 100 dictation devices from leading manufacturers such as Philips, Grundig, Olympus and Sony. This means your dedicated dictation equipment investment will be supported in the future
  • Specialized mobile apps for Android™, iPhone™ and BlackBerry™ allow you and your staff to create dictations effortlessly, send them instantaneously for transcription and review completed documents on your smartphone, all while on the move. Each mobile app leverages the power of the operating platform and features powerful functionality coupled with an intuitive user interface 
  • No matter which device you prefer, Winscribe Dictation allows you to create, annotate and send a dictation job with just a few clicks. Speech Recognition is available with any device combination
Winscribe Dictation Automation explained

True dictation workflow automation

  • Winscribe can integrate seamlessly with external databases and other systems you are currently using, such as billing platforms, document management systems, RIS, PACS, and other accounting or data management systems.
  • Speech Recognition can convert up to 99% of voice input to text automatically
  • Documents can be pre-populated with demographic information, saving valuable time and improving operational efficiency
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