Winscribe Mobility Suite

In today’s organization people need the ability to be totally mobile while still having access to their core business applications such as internet, email and dictation. No one can afford lost productivity for staff members that are constantly on the move.

As staff members are more and more mobile, there is a need to decrease lost productivity as a result of transit times and aging technologies that cannot support the mobile professional. In a digital world, mobile professionals can now not only capture dictation while in transit - making productive use of non-productive time, but they can send that work back to the office for completion before ever returning there themselves.

Winscribe offers dictation applications for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Android and BlackBerry devices. Dictation via smartphones and tablet devices grants both flexibility and convenience to business professionals with the functionality of a handheld recorder. These applications integrate right into Winscribe’s digital dictation workflow system to offset the challenges presented by the need for staff mobility. Winscribe’s mobile applications enable business professionals to instantly transfer dictations to typists while on the go, and they also enable organizations who have already embraced mobility to deploy an advanced workflow system without incurring additional hardware costs. The solutions are secure and easy to use like desktop applications with the convenience of full mobility, and their effects on the dictation and transcription process is significant.

There are several advantages to mobile dictation. Such advantages include:

  • improved productivity
  • improved document turnaround time
  • immediate access to client or patient information
  • better client responsiveness

Click the brochures below to learn more about Winscribe’s mobile dictation solutions.

Download Winscribe Mobility Suite Brochure

Download Winscribe Medical Mobility Suite Brochure

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