Winscribe Offers Hardware Devices from a Range of Trusted Providers

Winscribe has always pursued a manufacturer-independent hardware strategy, with the aim of providing support for a variety of different hardware offerings related to audio capture and transcription.  Not only is Winscribe’s aim to support these devices, but also to provide the highest level of interfacing in order to simplify usage and to streamline the dictation process. 

Digital Dictation Providers

Winscribe fully supports the professional dictation range of Olympus Imaging, Philips Speech Processing Solutions, VEC Corporation and Grundig Business Systems. Both, authoring hardware like mobile and desktop devices are supported as well as transcription foot controls and headsets.

Telephony Hardware Providers

Winscribe provides support for Intel Dialogic Analog and Digital Telephony cards to enable telephony based dictation. We also provide support for HMP VoIP interfacing with Intel.

Please contact us to discuss the dictation hardware set-up that is most suitable for your organization’s needs.

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