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Winscribe Text for Medical Documentation Management - Less Paper. Faster Reporting. Better Patient Care.

Winscribe Text is an integrated, end-to-end medical report and documentation management solution for healthcare organizations that handles all steps in the documentation process – from creation to distribution, and every step in between.  This next-generation system enables you to reliably and efficiently create and administer all documents required in daily medical life and transmit them to the correct recipients. 

Document Creation

Winscribe Text provides a user-friendly interface for speech-driven documentation that can be integrated with electronic patient records and other Health Information Systems (HIS), enabling fast and accurate reporting. You can use Winscribe Text to dictate reports, letters or patient records with a speech microphone, digital recorder or mobile device (including smartphones and tablets).  Integrated speech recognition is also available to enhance document creation and reduce turnaround time. Documents can be completed and electronically signed by the author or sent to internal or external transcriptionists for correction before sign-off. 

Document Management

Winscribe Text reliably, efficiently and securely manages the entire documentation process. Created documents and reports are processed, corrected and electronically signed within the software. You can easily track the status of individual documents and retain a constant overview of your to-do list.  Winscribe Text also helps address compliance by tracking user events and activity, including audit trails of any and all accessing by patient, visit, document, user, location and/or date/time.

Document Distribution

Completed and signed documents are automatically delivered to the relevant recipients or directly incorporated into your healthcare information system. Documents can be distributed to multiple locations using different methods, such as automatic local or remote fax, automatic print, secure email, or directly to an EMR or other HIS via HL7 or XML integration. Winscribe Text equally supports external service providers via its Outsourcing Manager, where documents can either be printed or processed by a third-party provider, while controlling the entire process remotely.

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Winscribe Text Highlights:

  • Complete report management from document creation and completion to distribution 
  • Reduced document creation processing times
  • User-friendly interface, which facilitates better physician adoption and increased productivity
  • Electronic signature
  • Central platform to create, use and manage report and other document (Word) templates
  • Customize data fields and alerts
  • Immediate access to patient records across multiple sites and departments
  • Integration into third-party applications via HL7, XML or Web Services for example
  • Automated distribution and sending options
  • Integrated speech recognition, digital dictation or keyboard creation
  • HIPAA compliancy and using today's secure access protocols

Built-in Speech Recognition

With the addition of integrated speech recognition, you can dramatically reduce document turnaround time with fast and accurate voice-to-text technology. Clinicians can quickly produce, sign and distribute documents.  In addition, it serves as a digital assistant for physicians that do not have support staff to complete transcription. This enables your physicians to free up more time and provide even greater patient care.

‘Snippets’, word blocks of predefined text, can also be inserted into the document via speech commands to boost document production. Snippets are triggered by voice commands or keyboard controls, which allow the blocks of predefined text to be inserted into the document. This saves time, improves throughput and helps ensure compliance with regulations. Additionally, vocal or written notes can be added to every document to ensure additional data can be added and validated per patient if needed.

Integrate & Connect with Other Information Systems

Winscribe Text has the ability to integrate multiple patient data sources from Patient Management Systems, EHRs or other HISs via HL7 feeds or other common medical exchange languages. 

Key information, such as patient details and referring physician’s name and contact details, are introduced into the reporting workflow directly from the Hospital Information System interface, which reduces the risk of mistaken patient identity, minimizes keystrokes, enables a single point of data entry and improves staff productivity and organizational efficiency. 

The ability to interface with these systems is obtained through a large selection of tools, ranging from our built-in HL7 engine, dynamic XML exchange, or our Text Web Services. The ability to interface directly at a server level, or using client-based data exchanges, is a standard part of the solution platform.  In addition, Winscribe offers optional Custom Data Modules for WInscribe Text that allows clients to define and customize their own database fields and alerts (e.g. patient allergies, lab results, etc.).

Electronic Signature & Distribution 

Easily sign off completed reports electronically and distribute them via an integration (HL7), secure email, fax, or automatic printing.  Jobs can also be marked as high priority, so that they are easily recognized for urgent completion and can be addressed by support staff quickly.

Documents can be distributed to multiple locations and via different methods, including automatic local or remote fax, automatic print, secure email, or directly to an EMR, Patient Management System, or another HIS via integration.

Data Security & Auditing

Winscribe Text’s security features help ensure sensitive patient information is not compromised, data access and document modifications are tracked, and compliancy is met.

All data files are encrypted and securely transferred via HTTPS transmission, and with Winscribe Text’s tracking features, full HIPAA-compliant auditing trails record when, who and what changes have been made within the system. Documents can also be rolled back to earlier versions, when needed.

Winscribe Text’s technology enforces clear authorization by limiting secondary access outside of Winscribe Text for users who may be granted access to the network server; provides clear authentication, with respect to electronic signature; tracks any alteration of reports; and tracks “appropriate use” via audit trails, should the data be accessed through multiple queries like patient, visit, document, user, location and/or date/time inquiries.

Licensing Options

Licensing for Winscribe Text is on a per-user basis. Please contact us regarding any of your licensing and pricing inquiries, as we offer customized licensing options and packages to meet the needs of all organizations, both large and small.  

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