Winscribe Text for Healthcare Organizations

Administrative and clinical documentation is a considerable task and can be burdensome to healthcare organizations that are looking to improve patient care. Healthcare organizations generate critical documents and reports for each patient, including diagnosis, treatment, blood test reports, X-ray reports, and more - all of which need to be managed for the patient’s care and for legal or compliancy reasons. With Winscribe Text, the processing and management of medical documentation is a breeze.

Benefits of Winscribe Text for Healthcare Organizations

Increase Efficiency & Reduce Costs

Increase clinician productivity and operational efficiency, and cut costs - while improving quality and maintaining compliance.

Ease of Physician Adoption

Developed in close cooperation with physicians of different specialties and levels of experience in clinics, hospitals, and health systems around the world, Winscribe Text enhances physician workflow through its user-friendly interface, which facilitates physician adoption.

Paperless, with an Automatic Audit Trail

Electronic capture, distribution, and authentication streamlines report creation and distribution processes. Data access and document modifications are automatically tracked, helping to ensure compliancy.

Easily Use & Manage Report Templates

Providing all the documentation needed in a single interface is the driving force behind Winscribe Text’s conception and design. As soon as a clinician selects the patient and obtains the patient feed for a report, Winscribe Text can associate the user, the department, the patient and the examination source to display the correct template. This allows the physician to immediately process the report with all necessary templating data already integrated. 

Winscribe Text offers dynamic templates to improve document creation efficiency. Templates can be automatically populated with over 500 different dynamic data types from an organization’s medical data library, and automatically selected based on department and report type.

Fast & Accurate Reporting

Using intelligent speech recognition, or digital dictation, to capture more detailed and accurate information, and share real-time information electronically with other staff member or patients, to enable fast and better clinical processes, while reducing document backlogs.

Automatically Distribute Documents

Medical reports and other documents can be automatically distributed to multiple locations using different methods, such as local or remote fax, automatic print, secure email, or directly to an EMR or other HIS via HL7 or XML integration – enabling fast distribution and document turnaround.  Equally, Text provides an integrated outsourcing option to enable organizations to externalize certain reports or job types, reducing the pressure on their internal structure and still meeting quality deadlines.

Integrated Solution

Winscribe Text can integrate with your organization’s EMR, PACS, or another HIS to improve reporting capabilities, reduce duplicate data entry, and to improve your reporting workflow.  

Better Service & Patient Care

Distribute real-time electronic information to patients and/or staff, enabling improved service levels and a more patient-centered experience. Fast and accurate documentation also enable patients to be treated quicker, boosting patient safety.

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