Tobin Lucks LLP Reduces Transcription Costs & Improves Document Turnaround with Winscribe

Tobin Lucks Logo.jpgWinscribe’s digital dictation and speech recognition software solution was implemented by Tobin Lucks LLP and assisted the law firm in reducing outsourced transcription costs and improving document turnaround time.

Winscribe was selected by Tobin Lucks LLP to implement an enterprise digital dictation workflow management system that utilizes speech recognition, in order to reduce their reliance on a costly outsourced transcription service.

Prior to Winscribe, Tobin Lucks was using telephone-based dictation and handheld voice recorders to document work requiring transcription.  The dictations were then delivered to an outsourced transcription service provider or contractors to complete transcription.  The cumulative monthly fee for the transcription services and overflow administrative support reached approximately $33,000.

With a long-standing reputation for its commitment to client service and efficient work practices, Lynn Caprarelli, IT Manager at Tobin Lucks, explained the firm’s motivation to change their transcription solution, saying “Reducing transcription time and costs were the central business drivers. Our firm is constantly looking for ways to be more efficient and get more work done in a timely matter. After reviewing the turnaround time, accuracy and costs of our outsourced transcription service and dictation system, we decided to research alternate ways that we could produce documentation faster and less expensively.”

After meeting with their local Winscribe Value Added Reseller (VAR), Zephyr-TEC, Tobin Lucks was introduced to Winscribe Dictation.  They were consulted about Winscribe’s workflow-enhanced dictation solution and that it would enable Tobin Lucks to efficiently manage dictations in-house.  Tobin Lucks’ managers also learned that Winscribe supported a tight integration with Dragon Professional software, which would enable the use of the speech recognition software to enhance dictation and document production on the front-end (client-side), as well as the back-end (server-side).

Since the implementation of Winscribe Dictation with integrated Dragon speech recognition, the timeliness of Tobin Lucks’ transcribed documentation has improved greatly, and their costs reduced dramatically. “With Winscribe, letters are completed nearly instantaneously.  We went from waiting 24 hours for documents to about 15 minutes,” explained Ms. Caprarelli. “Our outsourced transcription bill used to average $26,000 per month.  In addition, we were spending an additional $7,000 per month for contract administrative services.  Since implementing Winscribe, we were able to reduce our costs to just $1,000 per month for outsourced transcription.”  

To learn more about Winscribe’s suite of speech productivity solutions, including digital dictation, transcription, speech recognition and workflow management, please click HERE.  Winscribe will also be presenting their legal solutions in booth #701/703 at ILTACON 2016, taking place August 28th to September 1st in National Harbor, MD.

Click HERE to download a copy of the Tobin Lucks LLP case study!


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About Tobin Lucks:

Established in 1982, the full-service firm of Tobin Lucks LLP provides legal services to the insurance and employer communities, with an emphasis in workers’ compensation, labor and employment counseling and litigation, and related areas of civil litigation.  Today, they have offices in Fresno, Woodland Hills, Goleta, Pomona, Santa Ana and San Diego, California, and a growing staff of 72 attorneys and more than 100 support personnel.  Learn more at


About Zephyr-TEC:

Zephyr-TEC Corp., founded in 1993, is focused on providing its clients with best-of-class dictation and transcription workflow, document management, application integration and speech recognition solutions that work together to reduce costs and improve overall productivity. Their experience and professional services are based on more than 20 years of real world deployments of these technologies. At Zephyr-TEC, they innovate enterprise-wide, custom, and world class workflow solutions. Learn more at


About Winscribe:

Winscribe is a world-leading provider of speech productivity technology supporting law firm and legal department requirements for digital dictation, transcription, speech recognition, mobile documentation and workflow management. Winscribe’s software has been developed with the requirements of the legal profession in mind, and it empowers lawyers to use their voice to quickly and easily create documentation and communicate with clients faster, less expensively, and more efficiently.

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