Winscribe Announces Greater System Integration & Flexible Medical Documentation Management with Winscribe Text 

Winscribe_Text_iPhone_iPad_Laptop_Logo.jpgWinscribe Text now includes thirteen system modules that enable healthcare providers to save costs and tailor a system that best meets their medical documentation management needs.

Winscribe announced today the latest version of its medical documentation management solution, Winscribe Text version 8.2.1 (v8.2.1).  The latest version of Winscribe Text now includes thirteen software module options that assist healthcare organizations to increase physician and staff productivity, improve system administration, save costs and improve patient data management and care.

As many healthcare providers are becoming increasing overwhelmed by overly complicated document management programs and unessential bells and whistles being offer by many vendors, Winscribe gives providers the ability to choose only what they need to best manage their medical documentation processes.  Winscribe delivers a powerful base medical documentation management software solution and a manageable “buffet” of functionality, through its thirteen optional modules. This means users can select the applications and modules they want in their new system “a la carte.”  The new modular design empowers healthcare organizations with the flexibility to tailor their Winscribe Text system, allowing customers to build their system step-by-step to reach their own efficiency goals.

“Today’s clinical documentation requirements and needs are vast, varying and complex—so it’s important for healthcare organizations to choose a software system that allows them to pick and choose the components they need,” commented Pierre Corboz, Director of Product Strategy at Winscribe.  “Since clinical data and documentation greatly affects patient care, billing and revenue, and it accounts for a sizeable portion of operational costs, providers want software that is able to streamline workflow, remedy production bottlenecks, ensure top-notch quality and meet their organization’s requirements. Winscribe Text’s new modular design is an opportunity for us to provide our customers with a powerful baseline Winscribe Text solution that allows them to better address their project and documentation needs and allows them to turn on new functionality, as needed.  This also allows us to better develop software that grows and evolves with our clients’ needs."

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