Winscribe Streamline Clinical Reporting & Document Creation at Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital

Winscribe have been chosen by Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital (LCCH) to provide the advanced clinical documentation software, Winscribe Text.

PREDICT-Logo-Lady-Cilento-170x1301.jpgWinscribe announced today that their medical documentation management software, Winscribe Text, was selected by Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital (LCCH) as an effort to improve their overall creation and handling of letters and patient reports.

LCCH is a major children’s hospital in South Brisbane, Queensland. Established in 2014, it provides specialist care for the sickest children from across the state. To be able to provide a high standard of care for patients, it is important that clinical staff have correct information available to them in a timely manner.

Winscribe Text is an end-to-end medical reporting and document management system. Clinicians can create, edit, review and distribute documents in Winscribe Text.  The software incorporates a range of time-saving automations and integrations, coupled with extensive options for mobile devices, dictation and speech recognition.

For LCCH, Winscribe Text was tailored to meet the needs and workflows of clinical staff. Clinicians can now dictate documents, send them automatically for transcription and receive completed documents back faster for approval and distribution. To further improve efficiency, LCCH’s patient administration system (PAS), HBCIS, was integrated directly into the Winscribe Text system. Clinicians are presented with a list of patient appointments and details directly in the Winscribe solution. From there, they are able to see information about the patient, such as the referring physician and patient metadata.  The integration helps to reduce data duplication, keystrokes and risk, while providing clinicians with important patient details that assist with quality and accurate documentation.

Whilst availability of data was a major objective, keeping that data safe is also important. Access controls through Winscribe Text makes sure that only those with appropriate authority can access or edit documents. In a Queensland first, Winscribe’s deployment at LCCH became the only clinical documentation system in the state to receive full security vetting and an HL7 feed directly from the state-wide HBCIS patient administration system.

With documentation volumes and costs rising steadily, LCCH also needed a long-term solution that would make documentation more cost-efficient. Winscribe has been able to provide efficiency gains in the transcription of documents by reducing the time spent per document. Clinical and administrative staff at LCCH have also discovered the benefits of their new documentation system and have been supporters of the technology.

Winscribe Text has also assisted LCCH to introduce standardised and centrally managed document templates for consistency and quality. Clinicians and transcriptionists using the system have noted improvements over the previous documentation processes. The templates are auto-populated with patient details pulled directly from the patient administration system, HBCIS, which is used throughout Queensland. Clinicians and transcriptionists no longer need to search for patient information and copy it into a document.  Instead, it is available immediately as the document is created.

Since the Winscribe Text implementation, staff and clinicians are enjoying the new system and are able to focus on patients rather than paperwork. Management at LCCH is enjoying the greater visibility and analysis the system gives them of their documentation process.  Delays are quickly identified and resolved as they arise. Managers can see where extra training may be needed, and Winscribe has worked closely with LCCH to provide a series of customised reports to make analysis as straightforward as possible.

Dominic Tait, Divisional Director Clinical Support at LCCH commented that: “Winscribe Text has provided a documentation solution that gives staff at LCCH the tools for creating documents quickly and accurately.”

Integration into the patient administration system, combined with Winscribe’s templating functions, has reduced clinical risk across LCCH. There is a much lower chance of incorrect information being used in a document or referenced in making a clinical decision. With Winscribe Text, senior management at LCCH are better able to focus their organisation on the work that counts. In the 12 months after implementing Winscribe Text, the time taken to type documents fell by 66%.

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