Winscribe Introduces an Updated User Interface & New Dictation Features for Android Mobile Devices

Winscribe announces an updated digital dictation workflow management application for Android devices.  The new mobile application version incorporates a sleek, new design that is more user intuitive for business professionals, and it incorporates greater functionality to boost productivity.

Android_MTR_Recording_screen.jpgWinscribe is happy to announce the latest update to their suite of mobile dictation applications.  Winscribe Professional for Android version 2.0 is the latest enhancement to Winscribe’s suite of mobile speech productivity solutions, which also includes applications for Windows, BlackBerry, and iOS tablets and smartphones.  

The Winscribe Professional mobile dictation app provides an easy-to-use interface for business professionals to create, send and manage dictations.  Dictations can be created and sent to support staff with minimal clicks, and wireless connectivity with the Winscribe server ensures real-time updating and immediate transmission of dictations for traditional or speech recognized transcription.

Winscribe has supported mobile dictation since 2005. With the latest enhancement, Winscribe Professional for Android version 2.0 represents Winscribe’s fourth generation mobile application interface in the last ten years.  The user-friendly interface simplifies and accelerates the mobile dictation process, while featuring a modern new look and feel.

New features available with the latest release of Winscribe’s Android application include:

  • A new Mobile Text Return (MTR) feature, which enables Winscribe speech recognized text to be returned to the author through their mobile device (without need for transcriptionist review).  The recognized text can be viewed in the applications, copied, pasted and emailed.
  • Deeper support for Active Directory (AD), which allows for improved software administration and user management.
  • New feature sets for the Law Enforcement community, including stealth mode recording, enhanced attachment workflows and updated recording options. These options link back into their Records Management Systems (RMS), further leveraging the speed to produce field cases.
  • Added support for Interleaved ITF (2 of 5) barcode.

In addition, there are several advantages to Winscribe’s mobility suite, including:

  • Faster, more efficient document turnaround.
  • Improved productivity on-the-go.
  • The ability to securely send sensitive recordings and data with a mobile device.
  • Immediate access to client information and better responsiveness.
  • The ability to maximize your mobile hardware investment.

Fausto Basso, Director of Software Development at Winscribe, explained:

“Version 2.0 of Winscribe’s Android app is not only a revamp of the Winscribe Professional interface.  We have made it more fluid and user intuitive, and we have incorporated a number of new features based on client feedback, especially from the law enforcement sector.  They provided us with specific requirements that we have implemented and tested in situ, which are important for law enforcement officers and investigators working in the field.”

Pierre Corboz, Director of Product Strategy at Winscribe commented: “The latest Winscribe Android app is slick and easy to use. It seamlessly works with and complements the Winscribe Dictation platform.  Winscribe’s mobile apps allow organizations to easily leverage Winscribe’s speech productivity and intelligent workflow technologies, while enjoying centralized workload management, easy interfacing into their other information systems, and productivity increases – without the extra cost of specific hardware support.”

To learn more about Winscribe’s mobile dictation applications, please click HERE.  

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