Winscribe Announces Mobile Dictation Security Enhancements

Winscribe announces a series of new security enhancements for its mobile dictation application, Winscribe Professional.

Winscribe_Pro_Security.pngWinscribe, leading provider of dictation and mobile speech technologies, introduces security improvements and new features for its mobile dictation app, Winscribe Professional. Winscribe is launching configuration, authentication and encryption enhancements to help ensure mobile devices that use Winscribe’s app continue to implement state of the art security protections.

Winscribe has supported mobile dictation since 2005. The latest version of the Winscribe Professional app, version 2.1, provides an easy-to-use interface for business professionals to securely create, send and manage dictations and other sensitive data.

With the Winscribe app, dictations can be created and sent to support staff with minimal clicks, and wireless connectivity with the Winscribe server enables real-time updating and immediate transmission of dictations and other supplemental data attachments for traditional or speech recognized transcription. Considering the wireless transmission of sensitive client information and the fact that cyber security issues are continuing to make headlines across the country, the latest enhancements from Winscribe aim to strengthen the security and protection of information.

Security features available with the latest release of Winscribe Professional (for Android and iOS devices) include:

  • Dictation/Audio Encryption: Recorded dictations are now secured with a new and highly protected key, prior to being stored on the device. This feature helps meet security and compliance for many organizations.
  • HTTP Caching: Winscribe opts out of operating system HTTP caching mechanisms to prevent sensitive data from leaving the secure confines of the Winscribe application.
  • SSL Certificate Validation: Winscribe now has enhanced information and warning processes for incorrect, expired and revoked certificates. Revoked certificates are rejected outright, but incorrect and expired certificates may be acknowledged and used with the user’s acceptance, allowing clients to continue to function while administrative lapses are corrected.
  • User Password Encryption: User password encryption utilizes an onboard, device-specific secret key, generated by the application and unique to each mobile device – helping to ensure the privacy of user credentials.

“We recognize the trust and confidence that our clients place in us,” said Fausto Basso, Director of Software Development at Winscribe. “Many of our clients are in the legal, law enforcement, insurance, medical and government sectors, and they dictate and transmit highly sensitive data on a daily basis. We're happy to be proactive in helping to address the ever-present security risks that they may face, and we at Winscribe are investing heavily to ensure secure data access, transmission and management. Still, our efforts to preserve the privacy of data is only part of the battle. We recommend that security should be viewed across all facets of a business to further reduce risk. Continuous improvement and education should also be part of a business’ plan to provide a secure environment for sending and managing data.”

To learn more about Winscribe Professional, please click HERE.

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