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Less Paper. Faster Reporting. Better Patient Care

Winscribe Text is a medical reporting and document management solution that dramatically reduces the burden of creating, storing and distributing documents.

Clinicians using the system can focus their attentions on patient care - while having accurate, well documented records available in an instant.

In healthcare organizations around the world, Winscribe Text is taking what is traditionally an expensive, labor intensive and frustrating component of healthcare operations and creating streamlined, simple workflows that save time, money and provide opportunities for improving patient care.

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Making Documentation Easy: From Creation to Management and Distribution

Winscribe Text reduces the difficulty, time involvement and expense at every stage of the documentation process. The system combines speech technology (for easily creating documents) with document management and workflow technology, allowing documents created within the system to be reviewed and distributed securely.

Playing A Key Role In Improving Patient Care

Documentation is a time-consuming and expensive task, but it is central to the functioning of a healthcare organization and providing effective care for patients. Patient health data benefits greatly from detailed physician narratives that describe patient histories, assessments, diagnoses, treatment options and overall patient analysis. Transforming the way documentation is created, managed and distributed can also transform and improve patient care.
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Fast and intuitive speech-enabled document creation gives clinicians more time to spend treating patients and a greater opportunity to establish a connection with that patient, versus clicking and typing on a computer.

Patients Of Hospitals Using Winscribe Get Needed Documents Faster

  • Digital documents can be automatically sent for immediate transcription

  • Allocate work to transcriptionists based on organizational or departmental preferences and electronically signed and completed quickly

  • Clinicians can correct and review their original work immediately

  • Large numbers of documents can be reviewed, signed and sent at once

Winscribe Text gives healthcare organizations the ability to achieve faster and more comprehensive documentation and improved data handling, allowing physicians to focus more time on patient care and less time dealing with paperwork! Reducing the waiting time for documents eliminates a major source of stress for patients at a difficult time as the documents are often required for further treatment or discharge.


Allowing Clinicians To Focus Their Time On Patients, Not Paperwork

Having time and focus to build a doctor-patient relationship is no less important for clinicians than it is for patients. Clinicians who leverage the power of Winscribe Text to create and manage their documents have more time and the ability to more thoroughly review and treat each patient. They are able to be more detailed recording examinations, diagnoses and treatments and more focused on serving their patients.
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Creating documents is just one component of the Winscribe Text system that saves the time of clinicians and their supporting staff. Organizing, storing, finding, copying and sending documents requires a surprisingly large amount of time investment from staff. Within the Winscribe Text system, staff can see all the information they need to be effective, all available to them via an intuitive and easy to use system..


Winscribe Text has been developed alongside clinicians from all over the world. This gives the system flexibility and natural ease of use uncommon among many other medical software programs. With minimal training, clinicians and support staff understand and are using the system effectively. Staff enjoy using the system, and the difference it makes to their work. 

Supporting Hospital Administrators In The Challenges Of Cost & Care

Where individual clinicians must focus on the care of their immediate patients, healthcare administrators and leaders must turn their attention to the care of the many, balancing the need for quality care of each patient with the requirements of reaching growing populations.

Winscribe Text has been developed to meet the challenges of improving quality and quantity of care. The system focuses on removing the difficulty, wasted time and administrative confusion around documentation, using technology to remove the burden of documentation from staff, affording them more time contribute to patient care.
Administrators are able to use the software to gain a better visibility over what is happening with their documentation, where are the delays and where are staff short on work. We see the greatest results when hospitals take advantage of Winscribe Text’s ability to make teams more productive. Allocating resources, measuring performance and having complete visibility over document processes allow managers to give work to staff that are most available, take stock of individual performance and see exactly where work is needed to improve the process of documentation.

On top of the benefits to productivity that the software offers, it also is an integral part of the push for modernization of healthcare. Initiatives such as the “Paperless NHS” and the adoption of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) have created ripples across the healthcare sector worldwide. Healthcare providers are becoming more aware of technology and the drive to modernize administration to keep up with the needs of growing populations. Winscribe Text tackles one of the toughest challenges that faces hospitals looking to the future. Documentation can be very difficult to modernize, but with the experience of Winscribe, more and more hospitals and healthcare providers worldwide are able to bring innovation to their healthcare systems ̶ easily and cost-effectively.

Designed To Require Minimal Maintenance, Provide Maximum Security & Levarage Existing Infrastructure

Keeping technological change as smooth as possible without disruption is a real challenge. Changes to one piece of technology can lead into a spiral of cost and difficulty where new technology and old conflict. Winscribe Text as a solution has been created from the ground up with just this problem in mind. Our software developers understand the challenges of a healthcare environment and have created a solution that makes deployment as easy as possible.

The healthcare industry has a set of accepted standards that Winscribe Text either meets or exceeds when it comes to system stability and data security. 

Technical Features Of Winscribe Text

  • Encrypted data exchange as well as encrypted audio connections

  • Centralized web administration

  • System overview of services and transactions

  • Integrated audit trail monitoring to help meet and manage HIPAA compliancy

  • Virtualized back-end for minimal footprint

The way that Winscribe’s management architecture is structured makes installing and populating the platform as easy as possible. Whether it be installing to the server, configuring administration settings or establishing document templates, Winscribe Text incorporates features to reduce friction and get the software up and running smoothly and quickly. 

Winscribe is compatible with existing systems and takes into account the roadmap for future systems.

Winscribe Is Compatible With

  • Windows 7

  • Windows 8

  • Windows 10

  • Citrix and TSE Environments

  • Microsoft Server and SQL family of solutions

Through intelligent, centralized management Winscribe Text allows a single staff member to monitor, review and act on the system if necessary. Winscribe’s pyramidal management approach also enables IT professionals to create site, department and team super users to reallocate resources in the areas where staff will need certain permissions and access to manage the process. Addressing this requirement not only from an IT infrastructure but equally from a management platform that is web based allows IT to provide hotline support even from a remote location.

Winscribe Text is compatible with most existing Healthcare Information Systems (HIS) allowing system administrators to leverage their existing infrastructure, rather than upgrade or replace, in order to use our system. Winscribe can also develop tailor-made integrated solutions to best meet the needs or your organization. Today, Winscribe Text has been interfaced with RIS (Radiology Information Systems), PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication Systems), EMR (Electronic Medical Records), and other HIS (Hospital Information Systems), including Human Resources solutions, to capture, transfer and complete cycles of data and document management. Winscribe has more than 20 years of experience interfacing with healthcare platforms and Winscribe Text provides the very best in class in terms of speed and ease of getting our solution to talk to yours.

Winscribe Interfaces With Other Systems Using

  • A built-in HL7 interfacing engine that allows for inbound and outbound messaging

  • A comprehensive desktop API to allow third-party applications to remotely control and launch our application

  • Comprehensive web services to allow for data exchange

  • XML exchange platform

  • Custom data modules and development

Winscribe has a non-proprietary approach to data exchange making any information exchange open and transparent, allowing customers to drop data into the Winscribe Text Intelligent Document layout and extract this data back into a structured EMR format, for example via HL7. We can update third-party solutions along every steps of the creation, review and signature cycle making the steps visible in a RIS or PACS as well as pushing the audio out to accelerate the access to the reports.

Technical staff looking to review the performance and accuracy of the system are able to make use of the automated system logging. Error and performance reports are automatically generated by the system and available for review or sharing with our experienced support team.

Winscribe provides options for custom data from other Health Information Systems to be stored, used to create custom alerts or inserted into your medical documents. This functionality can be used to incorporate medication information, lab results, clinical warnings and any other kind of data into your documents.

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