Installation and Support

It’s the delivery and after sales service that counts

When you implement new technology, you want it to go smoothly. We want the same thing and we make sure we deliver it. Whether you are working with one of our many global partners or directly with us, you have access to the expertise and care that you need. The key is in the preparation and management – something we have greatly refined and codified over time. Installation is a consultative process and one that closely involves your key team members. Our methodology is well proven and can be adapted to suit your own IT management preferences.

Getting started smoothly is only the beginning. As you move on to more efficient and better ways of working, you want to know that we are there for you in the event of any challenges you come across. We have built a global support network of our own, populated with trained staff and complemented by those of our business partners that can provide any level of support you require, when you want it. Our customers’ needs are paramount.

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