Choosing A Digital Dictation System | Chart

Choosing A Digital Dictation System | Chart

Author -  Beth Stapleton

Digital dictation is a method of recording and editing the spoken word within a digital audio format. However digital dictation systems vary quite a bit in their feature sets, costs, functionality and management options, which can make the process of selecting a solution quite daunting.

When selecting a dictation solution or comparing it to an existing system, you will be keen to select a system that is proven to deliver a rapid return on investment, is tailored for your business, and one that has features and functions necessary for your organization. Pick a system that enhances your workflow seamlessly and effortlessly. While assessing the needs of your organization, it is also wise to consider how your provider supports your organization in the long term.

There are two, main categories of digital dictation systems: standalone digital dictation and digital dictation workflow management systems.

A basic, standalone digital dictation system simply allows authors to record digital files and have them routed directly to a secretary for transcription.  Simplified digital dictation systems often lack important system management tools to enable managers and users to clearly identify backlogs of work to be completed, information on who is doing what, information on support staff efficiency, promotion of priority projects, or the ability to reroute work as needed.  As a result, firms who utilize these systems often do not realize all the benefits that a more sophisticated system could offer.

A digital dictation workflow management system enhances the benefits of digitally collecting voice while embracing the management of the flow of information after capture. Digital Dictation Workflow Management Systems are designed with a powerful array of functionality to ease your workloads. The systems are easily administered and allow for the coordination, control and communication of activities automatically.

In the comparison table below, we address some of the key differences between standalone digital dictation systems and digital dictation workflow management systems.


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