Is your law enforcement agency's dictation system outdated?

Author -  Beth Stapleton

Traditionally, many law enforcement agencies have relied on tape-based dictation or proprietary telephony-based analog systems. However, both types of systems are becoming obsolete. Tape-based technology is problematic and difficult to find these days. As well, older telephony-based systems often times require heavy financial investments for maintenance and support, and dated proprietary hardware is required. Some manufacturers have even stopped producing this hardware.

If your department or organization is experiencing these issues, it's time to think digitally! A digital dictation workflow management solution addresses all of these issues and provides even more benefits!

Benefits of Digital Dictation Workflow Management for Law Enforcement Agencies

As compared to legacy systems, digital dictation systems that include workflow:

  • Do not require expensive proprietary hardware.

  • Are extremely versatile, in that they allow for: mobility options, non-proprietary input devices (that include PC dictation, smartphones, speech microphones, digital handhelds, and VoIP), and dictation and transcription work is easily managed in a centralized system.

  • Are scalable and can meet the needs of any office/department size.

  • Allow users to choose the components they need, such as optional speech recognition, a wide selection of input devices, customized integrations and more!

Winscribe Speech Technology for Law Enforcement Professionals

Winscribe’s speech productivity technology enables law enforcement professionals to:

  • Dictate in real-time, which helps to ensure reporting detail and accuracy

  • Quickly transcribe audio and video media

  • Use secure mobile reporting methods

  • Reduce the time that spent manually typing reports

  • Ensure that critical information is recorded with the highest audio quality and accuracy

  • Increase safety while on patrol

  • Improve data confidentiality and security

  • Securely and centrally manage recordings and transcribed data and reports

  • Produce transcriptions and reports faster and more efficiently

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